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My Hand-Stitched Tote Bag

Posted at December 8th, 2012 | Categorised in Craft Items, Sewing

I always wanted to make my own totebag, or any bag.  But I am having issues with my sewing machine, well… with all sewing machines, actually.  Really, I can’t get the hang of it – something always go wrong within minutes.

But somehow, I managed to make a reversible totebag, totally handsewn!  Many, many thanks to Skip To My Lou. She has provided a wonderful, easy-to-follow tutorial, which I have printed more than a year ago, but only dared to try recently.

This is the result of my first try:

My First Try at Making a Reversible Totebag
(Sorry, the image is not quite focussed)

Can you see my stitches running for their life?

The lining inside is the same as the outside…hahaha…can’t remember why I did that!

Not too shabby heh…

Sturdy stitches … guaranteed!

And I am planning to make another one.  This time, in different colours, of course! I smacked my head for making a reversible totebag that’s well… has no reversible purpose! I mean, the biggest purpose of a reversible totebag is that it’s a 2-in-1 bag! Well, maybe when one side gets smudgy, I could turn to the other side? Hahaha!

For the new colours, I am totally inspired by Made‘s bold and trendy colour choices.  And some kind of heavy duty cotton… gotta look out for that special fabric…

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