HOW TO MAKE A FLOWER – Felt Daisy Tutorial

Has it been 1 month since I last posted?  And June 2011 is almost over! Since I only have today & tomorrow, I will post about a few of my small projects everyday.  June is actually a buzzing month for me – but I was too engrossed with stitching & visiting other blogs that I forgot about this blog.

Thanks to Futuregirl and the wonderful tutorial which she found at Whip Up, I managed to finish a felt daisy (my first attempt at making a felt flower) while watching the rerun of Babylon 5 : The River of Souls.  I used whatever felt material that I had (pale yellow & white) but instead of stitching french knots I dug into my bag of beads and stitched these bronze beads into the centre of the daisy.  Unfortunately, my petals are too small and the centre too big – hahaha!  Still, I think it’s quite a cute first try, don’t you think so too? (fishing for compliments…) ; )

My First Felt Daisy

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