Crafting Resolutions in 2015

My first ever Patchwork Laptop Sleeve (with zipper, yeay!)
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Yesterday, 5.1.15, my youngest son turned 6.  Ahhh... how time flies.... He used to be this small: Now, I can't get him to sit on it without first answering his many questions.  Come to think about it, I started this blog when he was 1 year old, after he has mastered the art of walking and running. :D  How he loves to run, even to this day!  Having older siblings really helped - they have inspired and motivated me to start this blog.  Couldn't have maintained this sort-of 'crafting journal' of mine without my family's support. I want to talk about [...]

Another IHSW Update

Little Owl Card
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IHSW (International Hermit & Stitch Weekend) is a monthly stitching event held for 3 days starting from the 3rd Friday of the week and ends on Sunday night.  On any of those days, stitchers who have previously signed up on Random Ramblings (we just post our blog name & link when the month's IHSW page is up) commit themselves to doing some stitching.  Even a few minutes of stitching will do.  Then, we will post our IHSW stitching update on the following Monday or Tuesday.  I love IHSW because, in a way, it ensures that I would dedicate at least once a month for my [...]

Merino Wool

Merino Wool yarn
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I love to look at knitting and crochet yarns sold at online stores.  There are simply so many exciting varieties of colours, textures, materials and brands out there that are just waiting for us to crochet or knit with.  One amazing yarn material that I am longing to grab, feel and work with (now that I’ve done some readings about it), is Merino wool yarn. Living in the tropics, we are so used to favouring cotton over most other materials that even when buying yarns, I prefer to choose cotton yarns for its perceived superiority (and suitability for hot and [...]

Crochet Along (CAL) Granny Square Pillow

Some of the many crochet books on granny squares
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What is a CAL or Crochet Along? Crochet Along is a crocheting activity that encourages participants to work on the same project such as a cardigan, a scarf, a cushion cover, etc.  Before the CAL starts, the organizer will set out the guidelines which includes, among others, the project (such as a baby cardigan), specifics about the stitch, yarn and colour (yarn brand/type, afghan, bold colours, etc), the pattern/design, the duration of the CAL and so forth. Crochet Along is a fun activity because the participants can share their project, get ideas and advice from others, share tips, and most [...]

About Crochet Hooks

Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set
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Plastic, aluminium, bamboo, steel, acrylic, soft-touch, double-ended, ergonomic, inline, non-inline, Tulip, Clover, Boye, Susan Bates, etc - which of the many crochet hooks have you used? Which are your favourites? Before I discovered the joy of online stores, I never wondered about which types of crochet hooks to buy as the only hooks available at the nearest local retailers are either steel or aluminium (which I  previously couldn't discern their differences).  The only thing that mattered were the sizes (even that can be a mystery to me - deciding which hook to use for the few types of yarn available at the store). [...]

Knitting & Crochet – Learning About Yarns

My Nyamnyam yarns : Coco, Beige, and
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There are so many wonderful brands, textures and colours of yarns readily available online nowadays that it's a great mystery to me how I have been able to resist the urge to get some new yarns for myself for more or less 2 years, until about 2 weeks ago, when I finally ended my abstinence because ....... My Nona yarns are almost all used up to make crochet hexagons. Later, I will crochet just a few more and continue sewing them together to make a bigger this: Surfing For New Yarns You may notice that I also used other brands of yarn [...]