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Crafting Resolutions in 2015

Yesterday, 5.1.15, my youngest son turned 6.  Ahhh… how time flies…. He used to be this small:

My 1 year-old Son & The Crocheted Table Cloth

When he was 1 year-old and sitting on my Crochet Table Cloth

Now, I can’t get him to sit on it without first answering his many questions.  Come to think about it, I started this blog when he was 1 year old, after he has mastered the art of walking and running. :D  How he loves to run, even to this day!  Having older siblings really helped – they have inspired and motivated me to start this blog.  Couldn’t have maintained this sort-of ‘crafting journal’ of mine without my family’s support.

I want to talk about this new year, as it is a few days past 2015.  To me, New Year always heralds a special hope for better days.  The usual practice of many adults are to make their new year resolutions.  So, do you make any new year resolutions?  Any cross stitching or crafting resolutions for 2015?

Personally, I really love making plans or resolutions, it’s so much fun!  But I am awful at keeping them – my 2013 plans was really a disaster!  My Bamboo was planned then, and it’s still not finished until now.  In my defence, I did predict that it could last me until 2015.  Well, it was a nice dream….

So, would I want to disappointing myself again or should I stop making plans this year? Continue reading

Stitching Bamboo Again

This is Bamboo, the adorable panda from the Party Paws Family.  I got the chart from Cross Stitch Crazy July 2012 (Issue 165).

Meet Bamboo

Meet Bamboo

I stitched him on a blue 8-ct Aida sometime in April 2013, but then I have neglected him for more than a year (misplaced and forgotten).  In case you’re intrigued to know why I chose that particular fabric, which means using lots and lots of floss, click here. Continue reading

Another IHSW Update

IHSW (International Hermit & Stitch Weekend) is a monthly stitching event held for 3 days starting from the 3rd Friday of the week and ends on Sunday night.  On any of those days, stitchers who have previously signed up on Random Ramblings (we just post our blog name & link when the month’s IHSW page is up) commit themselves to doing some stitching.  Even a few minutes of stitching will do.  Then, we will post our IHSW stitching update on the following Monday or Tuesday.  I love IHSW because, in a way, it ensures that I would dedicate at least once a month for my stitching activities.  But there were months when I missed it… :D

Last month (October 2014), there were no IHSW.  This month, it was held earlier, on the 2nd Friday (I suppose to make up for last month’s), and so I made up my mind to do IHSW twice this month!  I have lots of stitching to do anyway.

First, I managed to complete ‘What A Hoot‘ which I started on the first November IHSW weekend.  I think it looked like a little penguin, what do you think?

This Little Owl is sitting in my new organizer box with my newly acquired bobbins & thread cutter

It looked like this last weekend

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November IHSW & What A Hoot!

This month’s IHSW was held a week earlier, probably to compensate for last month’s absence and will most probably continue this week as well because this weekend (21st-23rd November) is the actual IHSW.  I really enjoy my stitching weekends! :D

I know I have a lot of WIPs tucked everywhere, but as I have a few things to send to a friend who has moved to the USA, I thought I might as well send her a specially handmade cross stitch Christmas card, too. Continue reading

Cross Stitch Malaysia & Craft Supplies on FB

Let me start by saying a huge ‘THANKS’ to Ruzanna A. Kadir, who started and maintain Cross-Stitch Malaysia FB page – you’ve provided an excellent platform for Malaysian and international cross stitchers to connect with one another!

Although there are many craft stores in KK city, none truly specialises in providing cross stitching materials and accessories because the demand is not as great as, say, 2 decades ago.  Still, I would usually be able to get most of my DMC floss from Meelo at CPS while all other things (e.g. fabric, needles, etc) I source from my favourite online stores.

Thank You

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More Cross Stitch Cards & Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali!

Remember this little project of mine? (See below)

Honestly, I have forgotten about this pretty little cross stitch card until Yati reminded me to finish it quickly (she knows how prone I am to procrastinate).  Only then did I notice that I have lost it.  The last time I wrote about it was after Raya.  I kept on stitching whenever I can,  I suspect I misplaced it some time in September.  While searching for it, I found a few more WIPs….. hehehe… I seriously need to do something about my WIPs…

Cross Stitch Card

Cutest Ever Kitten’s Last Update

At last, I found it on Wednesday and, as it was a public holiday, I immediately continued stitching, and now it’s : Continue reading

Cross Stitch Patterns for Small Projects

4 years ago, I posted about The Chart Shop, an amazingly wonderful site where you could get many, many small cross stitch patterns or charts for free and those small charts would make perfect cross stitch cards or other small projects.

However, nothing lasts forever, like all things in this world. The Chart Shop is no more, and neither are the charts by Michaels Store.  Fortunately, I printed and kept all the charts that I fancied. :D Incidentally, while searching for The Chart Shop, I also found other cute sites that also provide cross stitch patterns and backing paper (for cards, etc) for free such as:

Cross Me Not

Cross Me Not is filled with cute, easy-to-do little charts

Cross Me Not is filled with cute, easy-to-do little charts

I recently came across this delightful and cute website by chance. Continue reading