Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day – Hari Guru 2015

Terribly sweet, literally, honestly!
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OMG - I almost forgot Hari Guru! Have you prepared gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day / Hari Guru 2015? I'm still in the middle of figuring out what to give and seeing that it's only 3 days away, they must be something that can be prepared in a jiffy... :D This year, Hari Guru which is on 16 May 2015, falls on a Saturday.  There will be some forms of celebration in each schools (not necessarily this Saturday, it could be on any day fixed by the school), including performances and sports competition by teachers. Last year, I gave each of [...]

More Yarns To Crochet

Reorder Korean Milk Cotton
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Compared to previous years, I'm having fun trying out various types of crochet yarns these past few months - totally neglecting my cross stitch projects, unfortunately.  It's really great fun getting to use yarns of different types and weights, and also getting to use various sizes of crochet hooks.  I'm really, really yearning to get myself those wonderful Tulip Etimo or Clover Amure crochet hook sets - need to start saving for those! After getting myself some Nyamnyam Yarns, I continued adding to my humble collection of crochet yarns.  I bought some Korean Milk Cotton yarns from Yarns Wonderland and am having [...]

Crochet Along (CAL) Granny Square Pillow

Granny square pillow cover crocheted using Budget Yarns
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When I wrote my last post of this same title, my granny square pillow case was not yet completed.  Fortunately, I managed to finish it a few hours before the dateline, and like most last-minute work, some things will always go wrong.  In my case, the internet line was so slow, I almost missed the dateline - had to upload my pics a few times.  Then my joining methods was not satisfactory at all.  I couldn't quite work out how to join the squares (my eyesight really need help). I got the pattern from this book: This is one of [...]

Merino Wool

Merino Wool yarn
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I love to look at knitting and crochet yarns sold at online stores.  There are simply so many exciting varieties of colours, textures, materials and brands out there that are just waiting for us to crochet or knit with.  One amazing yarn material that I am longing to grab, feel and work with (now that I’ve done some readings about it), is Merino wool yarn. Living in the tropics, we are so used to favouring cotton over most other materials that even when buying yarns, I prefer to choose cotton yarns for its perceived superiority (and suitability for hot and [...]